“Excellent documentary about a terrific organization and its inspiring leaders.”

— Linda Maryanov

“Fry Flick Recommendation! Just finished this doc and it had me in tears. It’s a story we often hear about. Parents/Caregivers building programs for their autistic adult loved ones.”

— Eileen Shaklee

“It serves as a tutorial, a business manual, and even more importantly, raises awareness and overturns misconceptions. It sensitizes corporations, employers, communities about what they can do, what they need to do, to help.”

— Karen Rubin

“You really did an amazing job of capturing the essence of Spectrum, and its founding, while exploring all the levels and nuances of the problems related to employment and autism. The young man from Mercyhurst, whom you filmed talking about his Asperger’s diagnosis, said, almost word-for-word, what our son said to me recently. Validation is a powerful thing, and I’m sure this affected our son in a good way since he has always felt like he is alone in his struggles. After watching, he seemed not only relieved and happy but somewhat empowered.”

— Autism mom

“The most amazing and inspiring thing I’ve ever watched. I can’t begin to describe how it made me feel. It made me think about what’s possible with the people we support here and it makes me want to emulate everything Spectrum has done.”

— Practitioner in New Zealand


autism with a side of fries